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The Services We Offer

We are here to provide compassionate and expert dog grooming services to West Yorkshire. We care deeply about the well-being of our dog clients and always aim to provide a high-quality and consistent service. From investing in team training to using the highest quality products, our mission is to make your dog look and feel special. 

From £17.00

Puppy Grooms

Puppies can be groomed for a puppy wash and trim from 12 weeks old. We will slowly introduce grooming tools and the sensations of grooming to keep them relaxed. Includes a relaxing bath, facial & body massage, fluffy dry, de-shed, ear clean, nail clip and fragrance spritz.


From £47.00


Hand-stripping is a specialist grooming technique for Cocker Spaniels, Schnauzers, Border Terriers, and wired-haired breeds. We strip out the dead outer hair to reveal the new undercoat, helping keep coats the correct colour and texture. This service includes a relaxing bath and special shampoo for aftercare.



From £27.00

Luxury Full Body Groom

Our popular full-body grooms include a luxury shampoo tailored to your dog's coat and skin. Includes a deep de-stress dog massage, fluffy dry & brush, haircut of owner's choice and a spritz of fragranced oil to finish.


From £17.00

Bath, Fluff, Dry & Outline Trim

This dog grooming service is pawfect if your dog needs a tidy in between grooms. Includes a bath & fluffy dry using a specialist shampoo tailored to your dog’s coat. We will then give your dog a tidy-up, outline trim and nail trim.


From £10.00

Express Bath & Dry

This dog grooming service is pawfect if your dog needs a tidy in between grooms. Includes a bath & fluffy dry using a specialist shampoo tailored to your dog's coat. 

From £10.00

Emmi-Pet Teeth Clean

This specialist teeth treatment helps to remove tough stains and tartar on the dog's teeth. Using a special ultrasonic toothbrush and toothpaste, this gentle technique has fantastic results. we recommend this treatment frequently for the best results


From £8.00

Drop In Nails

Drop-in/walk-in nails are welcome. Anyone and everybody is welcome. We will pop them onto the table, give them a nail trim and file, and massage paw balm on to finish.

From £18.00

De-Shed Spa Package

Our specialist shampoo removes 90% of your dog's dead shedding coat. We massage this in and leave it in for 5 minutes to allow this treatment to work to the best of its ability. This helps all hair come out, especially the shedding breeds such as Rottweilers, Huskies, Labradors, Boxers, German Shepherds, etc.


From £7.00

Blueberry Facials

We provide a relaxing blueberry facial; this is a deep massage into the dog's coat, usually their face, depending on the stains in the coat. This incredible stuff helps reduce and remove tear stains from a dog coat and lifts the coat to become brighter whilst leaving your dog smelling delicious


From £7.00

Paddy Care

Paddy's care includes nail trimming, paw scrub, paw soak, and paw balm with a spritz of oil to treat dry pads and prevent further dryness.


From £7.00

Tear Stain Removal

Scissoring the tear stains out if necessary, using our tear stain removal and cleaning around the eyes.

From £7.00

Ear Cleaning & Plucking

Perfect for dogs with bad, waxy, and dirty ears, we clean the ears in a relaxing format, pluck them if they need plucking, and remove loose hairs, which come out naturally once the chalk is implemented.


Clients Testimonial

Amazing Clients Feedback

Maxine Sykes
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My dog loves Houndville and friendly, caring groomers who listen attenively to my requests ensuring she always comes home looking exactly the way I like her to look.
C Needler
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They put me at ease from the first call to book my collies appointment! They have so much knowledge & patience too. Finn came out looking & smelling amazing! Would highly recommend! Thank you
Siobhan Lennox
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We have a lovely rescue dog who unfortunately has a LOT of behavioural issues. We had tried several groomers, none of who were able to groom our Little Loki. These guys were amazing and we'll definitely be back!!! Thank you so much for looking after our fur baby!
Saoirse Brian
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I have bought my dog Enzo lots of different treats from The Hound Ville and he has loved them every time!! All staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. I was amazed by the presentation of my Easter box and can’t wait to come back today for more treats!